It all started when I bought a stunning alto saxophone, named REM SUPER DES. It had a naked lady engraved on the bell, an underslung octave mechanism and a Mercedes-Benz logo style low C key guard.
I guessed it was one of the many Conn stencil horns, although the low B and Bb keys placed on the right side of the bell made me hesitate.
After searching the internet for quite a long time I was convinced it had nothing to do with an American brand like Conn, but most likely with one of the many companies that were operating in a Czech/German border area named the Musikwinkel.
Unfortunately info about saxophones built by these companies is not only scarce, but also confusing.
There is a mixture of facts and speculation that makes it one big puzzle.
I still don't know who built my REM SUPER DES alto but this quest led me to a musical instrument company named F.X. Hüller & Co.