F.X. Hüller & Co was one of the many musical instrument companies in Graslitz, a little town with a musical instrument making tradition for over 300 years. Until 1945 it was part of a border area in Bohemia and the Saxonian Vogtland known as the "Musikwinkel".
It consisted of Markneukirchen and Klingenthal on the German side and Graslitz on the Bohemian side (the German part of the "Musikwinkel" still exists).
At the start of the 20th century the instruments from this region had an 50 percent share of the worldwide market, with Graslitz being a leading wind instrument producer. From 1893 until 1916 there was even a U.S. Consulate General in Markneukirchen.
At that time Markneukirchen was one of the wealthiest cities in Germany, though the wholesalers were the millionaires rather than the instrument makers.
Other wind/brass instrument companies from this region include Julius Keilwerth, V. Kohlert Söhne, Oscar Adler, G. H. Hüller, Franz Köhler, Gebr. Mönnig, Martin Reiner, Werner Roth, Eugen Schuster, Oswald Wolfram, C. Wurlitzer, Stowasser’s Söhne and Max Keilwerth.

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